• We've got to fight for our world.

    Let's build apps, tools & products that take care of the living world.

    Whether it's the shocking reports, becoming a Dad, travelling to other countries and cultures or simply just getting older, I'm becoming increasingly concerned by the state of our planet and the natural systems we depend on.


    Recent studies from the UN: '12 years to limit climate change catastrophe', WWF: 'humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970', and scientists, 'climate change is actually causing a second 'mass dying' have become shockingly more regular and stark.


    From industrial pollution to the climate crisis, ocean acidification, and deforestation, the number and scale of environmental (and knock-on social) problems appears to be getting way out of control. Even for the most positive of mindsets, it's hard not to feel depressed by the state the natural world that we depend on, is in.

    We also know there are many incredible people and projects working on solving a huge number of environmental problems. But we need more. Not just fantastic non-profits and campaigns but creative products & services that remake the way we work, travel, eat, shop, play & live so we can live more sustainably.


    The rise of the 'indie' maker - people who set out to make money independently - are a group I believe can play a part. They're creative, resourceful, focused on metrics, and global in their outlook.


    I want to see if I can help 'earth-driven' makers get momentum - both impact & profit - around their projects. If you (or someone you know) are working on a product or service that's creatively trying to solve one of the many environmental issues today (small or large), join us, so we can can help each other grow.

    Join me and lets build startups that put planet earth first.



  • Connecting 'Earth Makers'

    Hello, I'm Ben and I love helping people get ideas that solve problems out into the world, successfully.


    Since 2006 I've been lucky to play a part in building some fantastic projects and helping lots of motivated people make positive things happen: Tribewanted, Escape the City, Rebel Book Club, THNK, & Virgin Startup.

    I'm living on the Thai Island of Ko Lanta with my wife, Susannah, and our 3 children where I'm seeing the positives but also often, the negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment.
    I'm both concerned and excited by the world we're living in. I want to help motivated entrepreneurs make a greater impact whilst being profitable. Please connect with me Twitter, Instagram, or Medium.

  • Inspiring Earth Makers


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