• Feel overwhelmed but want to help?

    Let's learn together on how we can best tackle earth's biggest problems.

    Whether it's the shocking reports, becoming a Dad, travelling to other countries and cultures or simply just getting older, like many I'm increasingly concerned by the state of our planet and the natural systems we depend on.


    Recent reports from the UN: '12 years to limit climate change catastrophe' (IPCC) & '1 million species (including humans) now threatened by extinction' (IPBES) to 'WWF: 'humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970', and scientists, 'climate change is actually causing a second 'mass dying' have become shockingly more regular and stark.


    From industrial pollution to the climate crisis, ocean acidification, and deforestation, the number and scale of environmental (and knock-on social) problems appears to be getting way out of control. Even for the most positive of mindsets, it's hard not to feel depressed by the state the natural world that we depend on, is in.

    We also know there are many incredible people, projects, campaigns, businesses and non-profits - both large and small - working on solving a huge number of these problems.


    But I think there is often a disconnect between the two, especially for those of us who don't necessarily work in 'the field' and find it hard to prioritise the time and energy into doing something about it.


    That's why I want to see if we can help each other easily strip some of our ignorance around environmental issues so we can be more informed and empowered to act. I'd also like to start investing more in projects - and together we can!

    Join me and let's learn about and support solutions that put planet earth first.



  • Earth Makers Academy: Coming Soon

    A short but intense, 4 x evening or 1 x day course to learn about the reality of our current environmental crises & what part you can play.


    Learn from experts about the history, causes & science of today's nature, climate & cultural crises.

    Discover how they can be solved and what you can do.

    Connect with other concerned earth citizens.


    Don't bury your head in the sand. Do something.

    Part One: The Nature Crisis

    1 million species under threat.

    How much pressure is the natural world, including us, under?

    How far has biodiversity declined, food chains collapsed?


    Are mass extinctions realistic in our lifetimes?

    Part Two: The Climate Crisis

    A decade from climate collapse.

    How close are we to a warming tipping point?

    How did we get here?


    Why are the kids the one's leading the way?

    Part Three: The Cultural Crisis

    A species in denial.

    Why are we not responding at scale to these crises that clearly threaten our food systems & once-abundant natural resources?

    What is going on with our political, economic & spiritual systems that prevents this?


    What can we learn from psychology about our collective apathy?  

    Part Four: A Green New World

    A powerful, creative response to an emergency.

    What are the best solutions to these crises?

    Who is leading the way?

    How can we play a part in our homes, communities & careers?

  • Ideas

    I'm looking at different ways to make this happen, and more importantly people to collaborate with!


    Who to help?
    What to test first?
    Measuring impact?
    Business model?


    EarthMaker Club/Academy

    Know the difference between IPCC & IPBES or the top 10 plastics?

    No fear... topics, experts & meetups or workshops to educate & empower us to act.


    A Green School For Grown Ups




    EarthMaker Shop

    Amazon isn't working out for The Amazon.


    A simple shop that helps individuals switch from products & services that damage nature to one's that don't



    EarthMaker Startups

    Re-make the way we make things.

    The rise of B-corps, social enterprises & the purpose economy shows its begun.

    A school/incubator for planet-first startups.


    EarthMaker Careers

    Green Revolution Jobs


    Promote, find and share work opportunities.




    EarthMaker Fund

    Dragons Den + Kickstarter for green ventures.






    EarthMaker Coaches

    Life & Career Coaching for those leading the green revolution.












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